Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Highlights on Saturday and a Recipe

Well, I didn't get around to posting my top five for the week yesterday.  My day was filled with lots of nervous energy (cleaned house, made two Pinterest recipes and did all the laundry) and The Weather Channel.  First, my prayers are with all of those that were affected by the outbreak of Tornado's this week.... it's heartbreaking to see complete devastation in many places.  Thank you God for keeping our little town protected.....thankful hearts here.

Here are my five...

1.  Lots of love, laughs and yummy foods last weekend at our Sleepover.:)

Mom making Asparagus Quiche
Baby Bella's on the bottom (love that I got her hands in these pics)
Next, cooked asparagus
Then, add egg mixture, shredded Swiss cheese and bake!
Recipe adapted from All Recipes, we cut this recipe in half, omitted the bacon and added mushrooms. The next morning for breakfast we used the same recipe, added sausage, cooked and crumbled instead of asparagus and mushrooms.:)


Three of my four sisters talking recipes.:)

2.  Coffee Talk with my besties at our small town Starbucks.  We usually close down the place and the barista there knows us well.  He brought each of us a little bag of Vanilla Bean Scones to take home because they were going to be thrown away. Sweet!:)

3.  I finally learned how to Fishbone Braid! Caroline let me do her hair for school.:)
Here is the tutorial I used to learn how!

4.  We all enjoyed watching Olivia in her last swim meet of the season.

5.  Zumba twice this week...I like to think I can really dance! So much fun and lots of sweat!!

This is one of my favorites we did....get up and get movin'!

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