Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We need a focus.  A main thing.  Something bigger than skin cream or tennis shoes that remind us of the purpose of it all.  If we expect to regain a more simple heart, a more centered pace for our day, we need to order our lives in specific ways.
~ David and Barbara Sorensen

My mind is a place of it's own, a place where few people would dare to go.  In a matter of moments it goes from thinking about how my Mom is recovering from her knee replacement surgery and figuring out important questions about faith to pondering how I should go about making a Poodle Skirt for my 6th graders Sock Hop on Friday and we need new carpeting, paint colors I like and then "What's for dinner tonight?"  My mind will grab hold of a single thought like a dog with a chew toy and not let go until I'm either exhausted or I'm bored with the entire idea and ready to move on to something new.

I know that I'm not alone in the fact that we all have questions, answers, concerns, opinions, ideas and dreams hovering over our brains disguised as a dull headache. One thing that helps me declutter so that I can have space to think clearly is keeping a spiral notebook close by.  I have a conversation with myself on the paper, then I can organize my thoughts and let go of the things that are taking up space.  I am a visual person so this works for me.  It is a given that quiet prayer time at the beginning of my day helps me more than anything but, unfortunately, I don't always take time to sit and be still....I'm working on that. 

I was first introduced to this singer by my Mom.:)  Her voice is peaceful and calming and I like listening to this CD while I'm reading, cooking or trying to relax the tension in our house between dinner, homework, bath and bedtime....you know what I'm talking about!

Love and Light~

Adapted from Simple Abundance by Susan Ban Breathnach

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