Friday, February 3, 2012

Order Cultivates Contentment

Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.
~Pearl Buck

The order of our day....
Today was a beautiful day! Kate and I were dressed and out of our jammies early.  We flung open the front door and let the fresh air come in through the screen door. I was in the mood to get some things in order. Kate was feelin' a little bit country, we put on some music, and got to it! 

In my boots

  The Refrigerator



I know this should be such a simple thing to keep in order but, the truth is, there are times I have let most of this go bad before it gets cleaned and cut up.:( My family and I will eat it when it is ready to go and it will not go to waste!

Apparently we like pickles of all varieties.:)

Scrapbook Corner in the Basement

Okay, so I attempted a few of Greg's "perfect push-ups" while contemplating....
those things hurt my wrists!

Uh, yeah, the Scrapbook Corner, be continued....Kate wanted me to roll her hair and do some art. Then we decided to go outside and make sure everything was in order out there.:)

Tiger Lily's are sprouting up

Kate's getting really good at riding without training wheels

The first half of the day flew by then it was time for lunch and nap time for Kate and school work for me.  When Olivia and Caroline got home from school it was more time outside and waiting on Greg (Daddy) to get home.

Over dinner, Mr. B and I discussed some shelving options for the Scrapbook supplies and pictures....when it is completed I will post the "After" photo.:)

Until next time....


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